4 wall, 36 count

Choreographer: Georgeanne Vallis

1-4       Touch Rt Heel Out, cross RT ft over LT leg, touch RT Heel Out, Bring RT foot back next to LT.

5-8       Touch LT Heel out, Cross LT ft over RT leg, touch LT heel out, bring LT ft back next to RT, weight should be on               left

9-12     Step side RT, LT to RT, Step side RT, touch LT to RT (Stomp)

13-16   Step side LT, RT to LT, Step side LT, Touch RT to LT (Stomp)

17-18   Step side RT, LT foot stomps next to RT (no weight change)

19-20   Step side LT, Rt foot stomps next to LT (no weight change)

21        Swivel Heels ¼ turn LT (body faces Right)

22        Swivel Heels ½ turn RT (body faces totally LT from original position)

23-24  Kick RT foot out slightly above the floor,  Kick RT foot out again a little higher

25-28   Step back RT, LT, RT, Chug with LT


29-30   Step Forward onto LT foot, chug with RT

31-32   Step Forward onto RT foot, Bring Lt to RT

33-36   Swivel heel left, center, right, center

(on Long Island)

29-32 Left lockstep, step fwd left, stomp right foot next to left

33-36 Flare, together, stomp right foot 2x