Sign up for to perform the flash mob at the Southbound Fan Appreciation Fundraiser at the Moose Lodge on 10/27/17

We will do a performance of the "Somethin' I'm Good At" flash mob routine on 10/27/17 just for fun during the first band break at the Halloween Fundraiser with Southbound at the Moose Lodge.  

Did you perform in the flash mob performance in Port Jefferson on 8/20 or at the Autism Event on 9/15?

NO....If you answer NO to the above questions this section applies to you:  There will be 2 rehearsal dates for any new flash mob members on 10/19 and 10/26 from 7:30-9pm at Kindred Fitness, (you are only required to come to 1 rehearsal). Cost per class will be $10.  If you DID NOT perform on 8/20 or 9/15 you must attend 1 class to learn counts and transitions. 

YES!!!  If you performed in the flash mob on 8/20 or 9/15 and wish to perform again, please sign up above and just practice your sections.  There will be no mandatory rehearsal for you.  Since we have more time to rehearse I may be moving a few veteran mobsters from group 4 into one of the earlier groups, I would hope you come to a rehearsal to learn the new parts.  I will try and keep most mobsters in and about the same positions as our August performance but as there are some previous dancers that will be missing and new dancers joining there may be some slight changes.  The dancer's page has a new password that you will get once you sign up:)

Dancers Page (PW protected)