There are no current classes at Kindred Fitness. We will attempt running this class again in a few months.

Wednesdays from 10:30am - 11:45

Beginner and Beyond

This is a 75 minute class suitable for beginners and those with a little experience under their belt. This series will include all beginner dances to teach the variety of steps common in line dancing choreography.  Not only will students learn popular beginner dances for the Long Island line dancing scene, but they will learn terminology, posture and the basics to give a solid dance foundation and build confidence.  

This will be a 5 class series

$50 for the full series or $15 to drop in per class.

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This class is progressive and we begin with a beginner level dance and work up in difficulty over our 90 minutes together.  As time goes on we may explore brand new choreography and dip into other genres.  We may also do some free dance where we turn off the lights and just dance favorites. 

Classes at Kindred Fitness are true dance classes, each session will work on building muscle memory for the select group of dances.  Dances are taught using visual, verbal, timing and spatial prompts with plenty of repetition and tempo changes so that dances can be remembered.  This is an active class which generally logs between 4,000 and 5,000 fitbit steps per hour for the FitBitters in the group.  However, class is so fun you don't even realize it's exercise.   

Please wear smooth soled shoes, cowboy boots work great! (leather soles or well worn shoes are fine). Sneakers grip the surface and can make turns more difficult.  

Bring water to drink